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Make your venue stand out with intelligent LED uplgighting!

Check out this before and after video to see the difference!

Up-Lighting photo.jpg

How many Up-Lights do you recommend?

1-100 Guest        10-16 Up-Lights

100-150 Guest    16-22 Up-Lights 

150-300 Guest    22- 30 Up-Lights

300 Plus               reach out for recommendations

Should I have Up-Lighting at my event?

We recommend Up-Lighting for weddings, formal events or just overall sprucing up any room.Uplighting will enhance the atmosphere and make your ballroom POP. 

What is Up-Lighting?

Uplighting is a popular lighting effect created by strategically placing lighting fixtures on the floor around the venue's perimeter and pointing them upwards. You are thus creating the result of "uplighting." 

Wedding Up-Lightign


12 Uplights


24 Uplights


Please call or email for uplighting packages of more than 24 uplights

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