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We have a team of talented DJs ready to make your next event  Amazing!

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DJ Throdown

DJ SpinnerCircle

DJ Yates is one of the most requested DJs in the DMV area. Having personally DJ/MC over 300 events including weddings, school events, Bat/Bar Mitzvah, festivals and so much more. Yates has entertained crowds from small private events to large event of over 10,000 people. Not only is Yates a talented DJ but he also provides amazing Master of Ceremonies services for tons of weddings each year.

Look no further than DC’s own sultan of scratch DJ THRODOWN to bring you the best in turntable-tainment. Equipped with heavyweight tunes and an incredible display of technical tricks and musical command, Throdown has won over audiences from the east coast to the west, and shows no sign of pumping the brakes. With over a decade of demolished venues in his wake, this audacious nomad has collected the sounds and earned the skills to deliver something for everyone. Fans have come to expect a diverse menu of bass driven dance music within a single showcase, covering hip hop to drum & bass, and everything in between.

Born and raised in DC, he has been making mixed tapes since he was 6 years old.   He taught himself to scratch, mix and learn all DJ techniques by listening to top DJ’s on the radio and on other mixtapes.  He started doing small parties for friends further learning the craft before DJ’ing for major clubs such as Liv, Republic Gardens, Pasha Lounge, Red Lounge, Club 24 and many other spots in the DMV area.
His influences have been the likes of DJ QBert, DJ Kool, DJ Kool Herc, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Funkmaster Flex, Grandmaster Flash and many other DJ’s of that time.  He would listen to other popular DJ mixtapes in hopes of being one of those DJ with a mixtape in circulation.  To this day he networks with local and international artists and DJs.

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